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Publications 10 November 2016


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Trombonccino - A future vegetable.

If left to grow hanging will develop a long sausage like fruit of more than a meter long. If left on the ground it will spiral creating a Trombone-like shape, similar to musical instrument for which it was named.

Trombonccino is typically a summer vegetable as all its relatives are, and will grow vigorously as a climber on trellises. It can be grown in winter in heated greenhouses and actually produce very well. In an experiment at Randfontein, an area relatively colder than the rest of Gauteng, it grew very well in a tunnel in hydroponics using coarse perlite and performed impressively. The fruit is valued for its low caloric value with water content close to 90% but is highly digestible and contain potassium ,Phosphorus and vitamin C and A. 

The Trombonccino’s advantages lie in its nature of growing fast and producing plenty of fruits. It is fun to watch the fruit forming and developing almost in front of your eyes.

It is a valuable addition to the diet, as well as tasty and nourishing.

In the not too far distant future,  it will probably compete with the butternut for shelf-space in supermarkets.

Bon Appétit.

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