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Publications 10 November 2016


Comparative production of in vitro mini-tuber potatoes grown in sawdust and specially blended media. The experiment aimed to analyse the cost effectiveness and viability of using a specifically designed blended growing media in comparison to commonly available sawdust.
Report by Ben Safronovitz
Potatoes are the world’s fourth largest food crop. Production of in vitro mini-tubers of potatoes is a rapidly growing industry due to the need for a constant supply of potato plant material, which is free of pathogens and of a high quality.

Publications 10 November 2016


The effect of various growth mediums on the development and production of plants in hydroponics systems.

By Ben Safronovitz

In a trial conducted at Camdeboo Farm near Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa, one basic question was posed. Are there any differences in the overall performance of plants grown in different growing mediums?

Publications 10 November 2016

STRAWBERRIES - Growing Methods

The humble strawberry belongs to the Rosaceae family, genus Fragaria, and is among the most widely consumed fruits in the world. It is estimated that annual consumption is about 7 billion pounds, produced in more than 75 countries. In S

outh Africa it is a growing market. It is grown in most of the coastal areas, but not only. In fact, Strawberries are commercially grown in the Gauteng area where the extreme temperature variations between summer and winter is a major issue.

Publications 10 November 2016


A number of natural enemies attack whiteflies including parasitic wasps, predatory beetles and mites, and fungi. Some of them have been used successfully in biological control. An example for South Africa is the control of the spiny blackfly (Aleurocanthus spiniferus) on citrus by a tiny species of parasitic wasp.

Biological solutions by employing White fly natural enemies are not always successful “Because natural enemies need a continual supply of food, they will never completely eliminate whitefly populations. Rather they are used to suppress pest populations to a level that is tolerable, i.e. there is no significant impact on the crop.(Horticulture New Zealand, Peter E. Smith, 2009).

Publications 10 November 2016


Perfecting the growing medium for successful seedling production and propogation of cuttings.

Growing medium is rated by users according to certain parameters:

a) Cost  

b) Specific crop requirements

Technically speaking, each of the identified growing mediums can in general, support seedling development. The difference is; on what scale, in what climatic conditions and, which type of plant. The intelligent way to approach it is to first understand the plant; its requirements, behaviour and its nature. Then to carefully analyse whether the investment in growing medium (minimal as it might be) really supports the specific plant and will ultimately produce a better seedling.

Publications 10 November 2016


Improving fruit quality of Greenhouse Tomato.

The combination of Potassium sourced from:

KCl•MgCl2+ KCl (25%:75% in terms of K supplied)

The results show that Plant height and total chlorophyll were the highest in the KCl+KCl • MgCl2 treatment. 

Publications 10 November 2016


Trombonccino - A future vegetable.

If left to grow hanging will develop a long sausage like fruit of more than a meter long. If left on the ground it will spiral creating a Trombone-like shape, similar to musical instrument for which it was named.


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