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Hydroponics Commercial Courses 2017

  • January 30th-February 3rd. (course 174)
  • February 27th-March 3rd. (course 175)
  • March 27th-March 31st. (course 176)
  • April 24th-28th (course 177)
  • May 29th- June 2nd (course 178)
  • June 26th-June 30th.(course 179)
  • July 24th-July 28th (course 180)
  • August 28th-September 1st. (Course 181)
  • September 25th-September 29th (course 182)
  • October 23rd-October 27th (course 183)
  • November 27th- 1st of December (course 184)
  • Special rates course: 11th-14th of December. (course 185)

Bookings and deposits:

Bookings 90 days prior to course commencement with secured deposit of 20% will grant 15% discount.

General Objectives:

  1. To provide a sound basis of knowledge in horticultural principles as they apply to the culture, use and management of plants in various production situations.

  2. To provide new and existing employees who are unable to undertake on campus training with the opportunity to gain appropriate knowledge in the field of plant culture, use and management.

  3. To prepare employees for supervisory and managerial positions in the field of plant culture, use and management.

  4. To provide horticultural business owner/operators (or those contemplating ownership) with appropriate training to apply technical skills to the management of the physical, financial and human resources in which they have made, or will make, a substantial investment.

  5. To provide an understanding of modern technology and its application to growing plants, with emphasis being placed on hydroponics production of commercially valuable plants.

Course structure:

This subject has 30 lessons: Recommended for people who intend to practice hydroponics on professional and commercial scale (farmers, growers etc) and general public interested in the subject.

  1. Introduction to Hydroponics Technology

  2. Plant Growth Requirements: Light, artificial light, light balancers

  3. Plant Growth Requirements: Nutrition nutrient requirements, deficiencies, toxicities, pH, conductivity, salinity, growth regulators

  4. Plant Growth Requirements: Temperature

  5. Hydroponics Growing Systems:  basic concepts and designs, site considerations.

  6. Growing Media: types, properties, uses.

  7. Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions: nutrient formulae, preparing solutions.

  8. Hydroponic Equipment: component, nutrient delivery, pumping, testing

  9. Growing Structures: Design and Construction types

  10. Environmental Control: Heating, Cooling

  11. Environmental Control: Lighting, Shading.

  12. Environmental Control: Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

  13. Plant Culture In Hydroponics: Trellising, pruning, pollination, transplanting.

  14. Plant Culture in Hydroponics; methods

  15. Aggregate Culture

  16. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) Culture

  17. Rockwool Culture

  18. Other Techniques: wick systems, flood & drain, bag culture, aeroponics, etc.

  19.  Irrigation Soil Requirements

  20.  Irrigation Systems

  21. Plant Propagation seed & cutting propagation & tissue culture

  22. Market Gardening Cut Flowers

  23.  Market Gardening Vegetables

  24. Other Plants In Hydroponics herbs, grasses, indoor plants

  25. Pest and Diseases                                                    

  26. Weeds identification and control

  27. Managing A Commercial Hydroponics Farm crop scheduling & selection standards

  28. Management Organisation and Supervision

  29. Marketing Promotion and Selling

  30. Students will work out a thorough principle business plan based on production of cultivar (own choice) as final group discussion.


Course duration: 4 days ( 8 hours/day, last day 6 hours).

Location: McGregor, Western Cape.

Lodging: At McGregor At anyone of the following options subject to availability of accommodation at time of course:

Fountain Place guesthouse,  (www.fountainplace.co.za), or:
Lord's Guest Lodge (www.lordsguestlodge.co.za)

Price: R 17,500.00 (VAT inclusive).

Price includes:

  • Course fee

  • Accommodation

  • All meals and refreshments

Transport from and to Cape Town International airport.

Payments terms:

  • Fee is payable in advance.

  • Overseas students must pay 20% in advance to secure letter of invite for Visa application.

  • Fees are not refundable.

The course covers all aspects of hydroponics culture including on hand practices at the farm. Students will be provided with the course flash drive which includes comprehensive information of all the subjects discussed during the course.

Each student will get certification upon the course completion.

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